Abdullah Munawar
2 min readDec 22, 2020




Here are the following tips about AMAL TOTKAY.

  1. Self-talk
  2. Get out from comfort zone
  3. Create new habits
  4. Ask people for help
  5. Fake it till you make it

First of all, TOTKAY is very helpful by implementing in daily life.


We find these tips by developing a growth mindset, not by a fixed mindset. Self-talk is all about I think khudi where we find ourselves by questioning and inspiring by quotes or by some other means that encourages, not demotivating.

Get out from a comfort zone is about to become a comfort we come out from the comfort zone. For example, someone goes to an industry for the first time and hired as a maintenance engineer. for this person to become comfortable yourself he will do work with a machine with a dirty hand. After that they become successful.

Create new habits that he learns every day new what way they implemented on yourself.

Ask about help ask your dearest to comment or give feedback on his progress.

Fake it till you make it try acting you were even till you aren’t.


We cam take all AMAL TOTKAY by implementation of all AMAL princile of progress in our daily life because amal, khudi, kam kam kam and ek aue ek gyara are related to AMAL TOTKAY. In this way we can cahnge a fixed mindset into growth mindset.


I think a favorite tip is self talk that is related to the AMAL principle of progress khudi not only self talk all TOTKAY related to the AMAL principle of progress.


I already implementing self talk and get out from comfort zone because in uniesrsity my professor tells us about this little bit.


From beginning for gowth mindset self talk is very important about catch new ideas and implement on yourself. When we get some valueable inspiration by someone we can change a fixed mindset into growth mindset.