Eat that frog with Pomodoro

Abdullah Munawar
1 min readDec 31, 2020



This activity is wonderful like a game complete mission for a specific time. I did this experience was amazing even I completed most of my work ( I am typing a program for pressure sensor) with this activity.

When I thinking about this activity set a timer, work without distraction, take a break, and tick on paper it seems like difficult but when I did this experience was amazing even I complete 3/4 part of my work.

Yes, it helps me accomplish most of my work because when I set the timer then I work with more passion than before because it's like a quiz that complete at a certain time or exam.

When the timer ringing I completed most of my work and the result was wonderful because I completed a big work in a very short time. Then I planned to do this activity on a regular basis because I help me a lot in many problems like time management, passion for work and concentration on your work without distraction. I got a 5–10 seconds distraction when I realize I am working at a specific time then I turned my attention to work and complete the task without distraction. Especially I did this activity when I am doing a university project.

I always use this tip (eat that frog with Pomodoro) in daily life and it a great experience. Thanks eat that frog with Pomodoro and Amal team.