Abdullah Munawar
3 min readDec 24, 2020


Mega project

Child Education

problem Statement:

Mostly parent and family are unaware of the benefit of education and job probability due to lack of knowledge also somehow resources due to poverty it could be provided to there in the future to break the poverty and unawareness of education.

In our society illegibility is very common mostly due to lack of knowledge or somehow due to poverty. For example, I see many people who said we don't need an education because we have a lot of money. We live with money. I think money is not all.

We need to communicate with this type of person by some means because they push their children to dig or drains.

I met with my seniors, best friends and teacher and tell them about the problem and ask for help. They agreed to help me and also encouraged to me on taking steps. We agreed at a point arranging small seminars to create awareness of child education by inviting their parents or going to in

front every doorstep where children are not getting an education talk to them with their parents in our village.

Poverty in our country is also a big issue because in parents hardly trying to earn money for arranging the meal of one time. We help their children with some extra resources. I take step first and I help then with my pocket money. In this way, children getting education comfortably without a burden on their children who lives in poverty and they live a happy life.

I think about the problem is khuid taking step first is action. I will work hard to end poverty first in my area then others is kam Kam kam. Some people help me in this mission is Ek Aur Ek gyara. I think if we apply AMAL principles of the progress we become successful in every field of life.



Abdullah Munawar