Abdullah Munawar
1 min readDec 25, 2020


Beating Plastic Pollution:

Problem Statement:

Most people are unaware of plastic pollution how it is affected our lives in many ways. Like health problem in which a man cause of major disease also harmful for our underwater species and our plants.

Theory of change:

We create awareness about this issue through seminars to tell the problem and how we can solve it. We should contact the waste management department to resolve the issue and also contact the higher authorities to ban the plastic bags and allow polythene bags for daily life uses.

Business model Canvas:

Key Partner:

Contact with companies who manufacture polythene bags and if you convincing them they will give you some benefits like help in arranging seminars.

Key activities:

Hired some qualifies pollution analyst according to your budget. They will help you to observe the real problem and how to make it achievable by strategy.

Value Proposition:

The first thing that starts yourself and to put the bags in a dustbin rather than through onto the ground also share it with others.

Customer Segment:

By creating awareness and tell about their health how will they effected. We engage our customers with polythene bags rather than plastic bags.

Revenue Streams:

I think we should contact the company who manufactures polythene bags to tell the problem and funding us for awareness in people in seminars.