Abdullah Munawar
2 min readDec 24, 2020


Mega project

Child Education

problem Statement:

Mostly parent and family are unaware of the benefit of education and job probability due to lack of knowledge also somehow resources due to poverty it could be provided to there in the future to break the poverty and unawareness of education.

Theory of change:

I met with my seniors and teacher and tell them about the problem and ask for help. They agreed to help me. Due to poverty or lack of knowledge parents push their children into the dig. We agreed at a point arranging small seminars to create awareness of child education or going to in front of every doorstep where children are not getting an education talk to them with their parents.

Key partners:

Investor: First I am starting funds with my pocket money. Some people also help me in project when I shared it with them. Some people help me in the shape of stationaries. One of them helps me by providing a place to sit under the shelter.

Key activities:

Our key activities are hiring a few teachers at the start and arranging some small level seminars to create awareness of education by inviting parents.

Value proposition:

The easiest and convenient way is to communicate with their parents to inspires by giving some ideas and tell them about the benefit of education and they will send their children for education.

Customer segment:

We will engage the parents with education by calling and the of every month for PTM (parent teacher meeting) also by receiving their feedback and complaints and try to solve these problems.

Revenue Streams:

I am starting from small by collecting fee that gives me a small profit at the start because people who aren’t able to pay total due to poverty. I help to them by some source.


Abdullah Munawar