Give Acess to safe water:

Problem Statement:

In our country mostly areas having a deficiency of safe and clean water. Desert areas are badly destitute by many dacds. Somehow poor sanitation is a big reason behind this. Our clean water is deeply going low level. Access to safe water is very difficult for us.

Theory of change:

We need to create awareness about how to save water. I think we arrange a seminar about awareness also contact our higher authorities to fit the water filtration plant in those areas where we have a deficiency of safe water. We also set our sanitation system because our clean water is mixed with drains.

Business model Canvas:

Key Partner:

Our main key partners are our area chairman and tell them to fit the water filtration plant for people by a government grant.

Key activities:

We need to research that area where we fit the plant that is accessible for all without any hesitation.

Value Proposition:

The easiest way we communicate with our higher authorities to help them by awareness.

Customer Segment:

For electricity bill issue we collect fund by sell water at a very low cost like 10 rupees per gallon.

Revenue Streams:

I think higher authorities help us in this situation to resolve the problem.




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Abdullah Munawar

Abdullah Munawar

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