Abdullah Munawar
1 min readDec 18, 2020


Just Start Goal


This weak I am starting to learn about PLC (programmable logic controller)

programming that is 3 months long course. The objective to learn the PLC course to grab the skill in the control systems that is essential for me to work in the control system field.

Three tasks to achieve this goal:

  1. Daily practice of programs in the simulator
  2. Watch videos on SIEMENS to learn about the new command
  3. industrial visit (inshaAllah). It's objective to see how deep they dive in PLC progrsmming

This weak I only installs simulator and learn about the user interface of PLC simulator. Basically, I am doing mechatronics and control engineering. My totally interests are in the control system. Before going to industry for a job I want great command of control system programming.

I never face the problem till because I am not going industry before but I saw may difficulties for others who want to job in control system but not have a great command of programming skill.

My experience about PLC programming of the first weak task is amazing because the first weak is about the interface of the simulator.

My experience with my just start goal is amazing because it helps me a lot during my internship session and also in my job.