Positive Reflection

Abdullah Munawar
2 min readFeb 12, 2021



Every man has their own reflection either positive or negative.

But I also have some reflection about myself my journey with Amal academy is totally different. My journey with Amal academy is a life changer for me. First of all, I would like to thank you ALLAH Almighty who blessed me with such a great opportunity. Also, I would like to thank you sir Saad and Rizwan who make my life from zero to hero. They had a great impact on my life.

Before join Amal academy I think I have a lot of knowledge and learned a lot in my life. This creates a very negative sense for me. Amal academy realize me you should have to become a long-life learner and I adapt these tips and InshaAllah I become successful in my life one day.

Leadership with authority has a great impact on my life. I think we only lead when authority suggests something but in Amal, this rule is very different we can lead without authority. Stand up and do it rather than saying you do.

Entrepreneurship skills, teamwork, and mock interview tips are such amazing tips. By adopting these tips I will achieve my goal one day.

Some incident helps me to think about myself my future goal why I have these goals. Also urged to me to think about what's going around me. The mega project helps me a lot in this incident.

The people around me are so energetic to push to do something first in Amal academy and then in my future life. One on one meeting is so energetic. On that day I realized I can do it. Because if everyone can do it you can also do it.

I am doing things differently than past because I became a punctual and efficient time manager. I do everything according to schedule. The tips also help me in my future life one day. By Amal, I became a long life learner.