Project 1: Visualizing Your Experience

I identify many things in my first two weak at Amal academy but I found a person. He is very creative person not only in first two weak of Amal academy but also through out the fellowship. He is very energatic person in Amal academy. His smile is very contegious.

My experience with him is very amazing. After talk to him a lot I felt myself little shiny than before. Because I am very sad guy in the start but after met with him I felt in myself creativity. Becusae I afraid about my future and in meeting this personality realized me you only focus on your current position not about where I see myself in next 5–10 year. Then I totlly focused on my self. This thing changed my life totally.

My feeling about the journey at the start (first two session) was not good because I am very shy what if I answer a wrong. But when I met with him my felling are awesome. So this person help me out from this situation. So my felling now are very amazing and awesomness.

I learn a lot in first two weak. First I learn how to speak in front of audience without shyness. Second I learn about how to become a long life learner.

I discover about myself a lot even those thing which I don’t know. Also something which I found from outside myself which also I having in myself by nature. Like long life learner, creative, productivity, public speaking, and leadership without authority etc.


Abdullah Munawar