Technical Approach

The technical approach is an important feature of the business. Many businesses are successful due to their wonderfuld technical approach strategy. As you know we are working on a welfare project and we need to collect funds to support deserving people to buy clothes and water. For this, we are starting fund raising firstly through our pocket money and we also get help from our siblings and relatives. We leave a few collection boxes at the local businesses/shops or cafes. People who do not mind leaving spare change and coins can add up. It is one of the easiest ways to collect funds for our project.

We also harness the power of social media. In this way, we can reach a wider audience by using social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram where we create a page for our charity fund raising. When people like what we are doing, they are more likely to share it where people can make online donations.




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Abdullah Munawar

Abdullah Munawar

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