Abdullah Munawar
2 min readJan 15, 2021

Strength stories

Story 1:

I remember in 2019 I was leading a team of 4 members and we are working on a big project at university. One day before project submission in my team member clashes arise on a certain discussion. In the meantime, I managed my team again and worked for 4–5 hours continuously, and complete the task before submitting it. The next day was projected presentation day and we work on the project report and presented the project physically. I managed my team and present our project in a good manner and we lead the project award. Also, we got a good grade in a specific subject.

Skill: (leadership), teamwork

Story 2:

In July 2018 I work on a university project that was very difficult no one want work on it. I pick that project and start working also I have 20–25 days to complete it. I make the first attempt to create PCB and simulate it but failed. I attempt a second time then again failed because execution is not in process. Most of my fellow says to me it's nothing just a waste of time but I never give up. Then I decide to make it again but this time it was working a little bit. Seven days left I start work for 6–7 hours on this by the passage of time It was my seven attempts when I simulated in full working condition according to my expectation. At that time I feel never give in life only do work hard InshaALLAH you achieve your goal. Hard work is the key to success.

Skill: Hardwork

Story 3:

It is better to reach your destination our hour early rather than one minute. I always work to keep in mind the deadline. Last year I work on a certain mechanism project I completed. For proofreading, I share it with my class fellow but he said this report has a lot of defects and blunders you need to correct in the meantime. Only 15 hours left for submission I started again and work on it with integrity and consistency I completed it and submitted it before the deadline. Having this strength, I complete my tasks and assignments before the deadline with honesty and time time alert.

Skill: Time management