Taking Flight

Abdullah Munawar
1 min readFeb 25, 2021



First of all, I would like to thank Allah Almighty then I thank the Amal academy who provide me this opportunity.

Also, thank my beloved instructor Sir Saas and Rizwan who help me a lot in this journey by providing different platforms and different tips by sharing experiences.

The talk that we do in the last session is connected us with a previous whole session where we do an amazing activity (taking selfies) by dividing into two teams it was just a previous breakout room activity to uplift our energy.

I think it is important to do a thing just for your emotional uplift sometimes because I learned emotions are contagious. Sometimes, emotions help us very precisely to uplift our energy. In good emotion, we cover different hurdles.

I planned already to touch with Amal academy by joining Amal academy as an Amal ambassador where I learned different new skills like marketing and communication skills with the applicants. Also, I touch with Amal academy by applying tips and tricks that the Amal team provided us in my future to achieve goals.

First of all, I made all previous project work notes that will help me in my future life. When I applying for a job I remind the tips that Aaml academy provides me to get the job also same do for the interview and my thing like taht.